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12 Inch Patient Monitor M70

Model:         M70

Buy Utruemed’s12-Inch Patient Monitor M70, a patient monitor that takes patient care to the next level. This cutting-edge monitor is a versatile and reliable tool that works in different clinical settings. Packed with advanced features and a user-friendly interface, it will empower your team to improve patient outcomes with reliable vitals in an adult, pediatric and neonatal application. The standard configuration of this 12-Inch Patient Monitor includes ECG, SpO2, NIBP, RESP, TEMP, and PR. It can also be configured to CO2, IBP, C.O. AG. The equipment is versatile, and it can be wall-mounted or used it a trolley for added flexibility.

Additional information

Product Details:

Product features

  •  Classic display: 12.1 inch LCD display with multiple display format;
  •  HD display:High definition display 1024 * 768;
  •  Simplified operation: Based on classic clinical design,ultra simplified operation;
  •  Reliable quality: passed the rigorous multi application ccenarios test, proved to be durable and helpful;
  •  Long operation hour: with inbuilt 8000mAh lithium battery, machine can be last for 4 hour after fully charged;
  •  Patented ECG specialized algorithm, passed AHA/MIT-BIH database verification;
  •  Applicable to adult, pediatric and neonate;
  •  Accurate measurement in 0.075% low perfusion index, excellent anti-motion capability,generating more accurate, more stable, and more reliable datas;
  •  Neonate specilized NIBP/SPO2 module;
  •  CO2 min. sampling volume 50ml/Min;
  •  IBP measurement range: -50~400mmHg;
  •  Heart rate measurement upto 350 bpm;
  •  Self-developed cost-effective anesthetic gas module.

Product configuration

  •  Standard configuration:ECG、SpO2、NIBP、RESP、TEMP、PR;
  •  Optional configuration:CO2、IBP、C.O. AG;
  •  Other:Trolley, wall mount.


Measurement Accuracy  ±2%( 70% ~ 100% ),undefiend(0 ~ 69%)
Measurement Range 0–100%
Alarm Range  Consistent with the display range, the alarm limit setting step length is 1%
Pulse rate
Measurement Range 20bpm ~ 254bpm
Alarm Range Consistent with the display range, the alarm limit is set to a step length of 1bpm
Speed of refresh 1 s
Measurement Accuracy ±2 bpm
Pulse rate Mean 8 s
Measurement Accuracy  ±0.2℃(0℃~50℃)
Measurement Range  0℃~50℃
Unit of measurement  ℃,℉
Alarm delay time <10s
Method of measurement oscillation
Parameter of measurement Systolic, diastolic and mean arterial pressure
Unit mmHg, kPa
Mode of operation Manual, automatic, and continuous
Systolic blood pressure range Adult: 30 mmHg ~ 270mmHg

Child:30 mmHg ~ 230mmHg

Neonate:30 mmHg ~ 135mmHg

Diastolic blood pressure range Adult:10 mmHg ~ 220mmHg

Child:10 mmHg ~ 165mmHg

Neonate:30 mmHg ~ 100mmHg

Mean pressure range Adult:10 mmHg ~ 240mmHg

Child:10 mmHg ~ 175mmHg

Neonate:30 mmHg ~ 110mmHg

Measurement Accuracy The maximum mean error is ±5 mmHg or ±4%, with the highest absolute value
Measurement Range Consistent with the display range, the alarm limit setting step length is 1mmHg
Alarm delay time <10s
Cuff pressure range 0 mmHg ~ 300 mmHg
Cuff inflation rate <50mmHg/s
Static pressure measurement error ±3mmHg (Overpressure protection is not achieved)
Resolution of display 1mmHg
Repeatability When measured at static continuous low pressure, the difference between repeated readings at each point within the scale range should not be greater than 4 mmHg
Pressure sensor accuracy The maximum error for pressure measurements in the cuff should be ±3 mmHg at any point in the range, regardless of boost or drop
Pulse rate measurement The measuring range is 40 bpm ~ 240 bpm, the measuring accuracy is ± 2% or ±2 bpm, the absolute value of both should be greater
Lead 3/5 lead
Waveform 2 channel
Gain X0.25,X0.5,X1,X2,X4
Speed 12.5mm/s;25mm/s;20mm/s
HR range 15~300BPM(AUD);15~350BPM(NEO)
Filter mode DIA(0.05~100Hz);MON(0.5~40Hz);SUR(1~25Hz)
Protection Anti-electric knife;Anti-defibrillation protection;5000V isolation strength
ST diagnosis -2.5mV~2.5mV; Arrhythmia analysis; Pacing detection
Principle Impedance Breathing
Range 0~120RPM
Choking alarm 20s~60s optional,internval 5s
CO2 Applicable to ADU, PED, and NEO
CO2 range 0~150mmHg;
accuracy ± 2mmHg(0~40mmHg), ± 5%(41~100mmHg), ± 8%(101~150mmHg)
Respiratory rate range 0~150RPM
Sampling flow 50ml/Min
Accuracy ±2RPM
IBP Support dual-channel IBP simultaneous measurement
IBP range -50~400mmHg;accuracy: ± 3mmHg(0~40mmHg)
measurement modes ABP、CVP、ICP、LAP,etc
Pulse rate range 20~254BPM
Accurate ±2RPM



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