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Handheld Veterinary Monitor YC-V4A

Model:        YC-V4A

Buy Utruemed’s Handheld Veterinary Monitor YC-V4A, our advanced veterinary medical equipment. This cutting-edge monitor meets the unique needs of veterinary professionals and improves the outcome in animal healthcare. The 5″ LED touch screen can measure SpO2, PR, blood pressure, and mainstream CO2. It has a powerful data function that supports up to 28,000 data pieces. With its advanced technology and intuitive interface, the YC-V4A provides real-time monitoring of vital signs in animal patients and enables veterinary professionals to assess their health accurately. Our cutting-edge medical equipment displays the PI index to help veterinary professionals judge the reliability of the measurement.

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Product Details:

Product Features
  •  5″ LED touch screen with resolution 480*854
  •  Available to measure SpO2, PR, blood pressure, mainstream CO2
  •  Up to 24 working hours of battery
  •  Suitable for Neonatal,Child and Adult
  •  Display the PI indexto help medical staffjudge the reliability of the measurement
  •  Weak perfusion performance can reach 0.015%,with excellent anti-motion performance
  •  Powerful data function,support up to 28,000 pieces
  •  Standard: SPO2,NIBP,mainstream CO2
  •  Optional: AG.


Principle oscillation method
Measurement mode manual/automatic/continuous
Pressure unit mmHg/Kpa
Measurement parameters systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean blood pressure
Systolic blood pressure range 40~270mmHg
Diastolic blood pressure range 10~210mmHg
Average pressure range adult: 20~230mmHg
Pressure accuracy ±3mmHg
overvoltage protection Double overvoltage protection
range 0~100%
Resolution 1%
Accuracy ±2% (70~100%); Not defined (0~69%)
Pulse rate range(20~254BPM),  accuracy (± 2BPM)
range 0~150mmHg
Accuracy ± 2mmHg (0~40mmHg), ± 5%(41~100mmHg), ± 8% (101~150mmHg);
Respiration rate range: 0~150RPM; Accuracy: ±2RPM;
Sampling flow 50mL /Min;

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