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Handheld Vital Signs Monitor YC-V3

Model:        YC-V3

Utruemed is proud to introduce the Handheld Vital Signs Monitor YC-V3. Compact in design, the YC-V3 monitor lets your team monitor essential parameters on the go. It has intuitive controls that make it easy to interpret and navigate through critical patient information. Professionals can trust reliable sensors and advanced algorithms that ensure accurate and consistent vital signs readings. The 3.5″ LED screen allows healthcare professionals to measure SpO2, PR, blood pressure, and body temperature. The 24 working hours of battery life make it ideal for use in various settings. It features a powerful data function that can support up to 28,000 pieces of data.

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Product Details:

Product Features
  •  3.5″ LED screen with resolution 480*320
  •  Available to measure SpO2, PR, blood pressure, body temperature
  •  Up to 24 working hours of battery
  •  Suitable for Neonatal,Child and Adult
  •  Display the PI indexto help medical staffjudge the reliability of the measurement
  •  Weak perfusion performance can reach 0.075%,with excellent anti-motion performance
  •  Powerful data function,support up to 28,000 pieces
  •  Parameter: SPO2,NIBP,TEMP.


Measurement Accuracy  ±2%( 70% ~ 100% ),undefiend(0 ~ 69%)
Measurement Range 0–100%
Alarm Range  Consistent with the display range, the alarm limit setting step length is 1%
Pulse rate
Measurement Range 20bpm ~ 254bpm
Alarm Range Consistent with the display range, the alarm limit is set to a step length of 1bpm
Speed of refresh 1 s
Measurement Accuracy ±3 bpm
Pulse rate Mean 8 s
Method of measurement oscillation
Parameter of measurement Systolic, diastolic and mean arterial pressure
Unit mmHg, kPa
Mode of operation Manual, automatic, and continuous
Systolic blood pressure range Adult: 30 mmHg ~ 270mmHg

Child:30 mmHg ~ 230mmHg

Neonate:30 mmHg ~ 135mmHg

Diastolic blood pressure range Adult:10 mmHg ~ 220mmHg

Child:10 mmHg ~ 165mmHg

Neonate:30 mmHg ~ 100mmHg

Mean pressure range Adult:10 mmHg ~ 240mmHg

Child:10 mmHg ~ 175mmHg

Neonate:30 mmHg ~ 110mmHg

Measurement Accuracy The maximum mean error is ±5 mmHg or ±4%, with the highest absolute value
Measurement Range Consistent with the display range, the alarm limit setting step length is 1mmHg
Alarm delay time <10s
Cuff pressure range 0 mmHg ~ 300 mmHg
Cuff inflation rate <50mmHg/s
Static pressure measurement error ±3mmHg (Overpressure protection is not achieved)
Resolution of display 1mmHg
Repeatability When measured at static continuous low pressure, the difference between repeated readings at each point within the scale range should not be greater than 4 mmHg
Pressure sensor accuracy The maximum error for pressure measurements in the cuff should be ±3 mmHg at any point in the range, regardless of boost or drop
Pulse rate measurement The measuring range is 40 bpm ~ 240 bpm, the measuring accuracy is ± 2% or ±2 bpm, the absolute value of both should be greater

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