Elementor 页眉 #54

IpL Hair Removal Device H1

Model: H1

Light energy: 3-5J/cm2

Number of rounds: 990,000 rounds

Energy band: 470-1100nm

Product power: 30W

Input voltage: AC100-240V

Output frequency: 50/60Hz Output voltage: 12V2.5A

Gear adjustment: 5 gears

Working mode: manual/automatic

How to use: plug in Lighting time: 0.9-2S

Product size: 12.4*8.3*4.85cm

Packing size: 18.5*8.9*6cm

Product weight: 185g

Additional information

Product Details:

1. Safe: No influence on normal sweat and sebum secretion

2. Convenient: Portable DSign and easily taken

📍5 major advantages:

✅Safe and Painless Hair Removal

✅ Small skin rejuvenation epilator

✅Five gear adjustment

✅Experience fast hair removal at home

✅ Small size: compact, stylish, portable, safe, no side effects, and painless

🌟The epilator helps you achieve permanent hair removal and smooth skin by breaking the hair regeneration cycle. Very gentle, ideal for first application or treatment of any area.

🌟Newly upgraded 999,999 times/pulse, the intense pulsed light penetrates deep into the hair follicle, effectively removing hair.

🌟Single flash + continuous flash (2 flash modes).

🌟 5-level adjustment function, care for every inch of delicate skin.

🌟Has a permanent effect and can completely remove excess hair after thorough treatment.

🌟Automatic Flash Slide Mode is for easy, fast treatments on straightforward areas such as legs.

🌟 5 power levels: This IPL hair removal has 5 adjustable power levels to suit different skin sensitivities and treatment areas.

🌟 For the first time use, it is recommended to start the hair removal mode from the 2nd gear, and gradually adjust and increase the gears. It is recommended that you moisturize your skin with a moisturizing skin care product after about 3 to 5 hair removals per area.

● Mouth recommendation: 1-2 files

● Underarm recommendation: 1-5 files

● Shoulder recommendation: 1-5 gears

● Toe recommendation: 1-5 gears

● Private parts recommendation: 1-5 files

● Foot recommendation: 1-5 gears

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