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Vet Monitor M12A

Model:       M12A

Buy UtrueMed’s Vet Monitor M12A, a state-of-the-art device that empowers veterinary professionals with comprehensive patient monitoring capabilities. The M12A combines advanced technology with user-friendly features and lets you measure vital signs reliably with a real-time interface. You can monitor important parameters such as ECG, SpO2, NIBP, and temperature. The M12A’s fan-free design helps do away with fur-related problems. The 12.1”multi-displayLCD screen has smartphone-like touch sensors for easy operation. Its compact design and portability are ideal for veterinary clinics and animal hospitals. It can offer insights and trends on 720 hours of data in all waveforms and can be connected to wired and wireless networks.

Additional information

Product Details:

  • Precise Monitoring
    • NIBP Specific algorithm for animal blood flow characteristics to measure quickly and accurately
    • SpO2 Advanced technologies for interference and weak perfusion
    • ECG The unique patented ECG algorithm and ECG Smart Lead ensure stable monitoring
    • pluralize accessories
    Reliable And Durable
    • fan-free design, avoiding fur involvement
    • Fall- resistant and water-resistant
    • bent-resistant accessories
    Efficient And Easy To Use
    • 12.1 inch LCD, Multiple display configurations can be achieved with simple smartphone-like swipe gestures, large font interface, simple and clear
  •  12.1”color TFT LCD screen.
  •  Optional touch screen.
  •  Unique human voice alarm.
  • 720 hours trend data and 12 hours of all waveforms.
  • Wire and wireless network.
  • 14 languages include: English,French,German,Spanish,Portuguese,Russian and etc.
  • 5-lead ECG,SpO2,NIBP,TEMP,Resp,PR,Li-ion battery.
  •  2-IBP, C.O, EtCO2; Thermal Recorder.

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