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Veterinary Anesthesia Machine V120

Model:      V120

Buy the Veterinary Anesthesia Machine V120 from UTrueMed and take animal patient care to the next level. We take pride in bringing you an advanced anesthesia machine designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of anesthesia administration. Ensure precise and reliable control of anesthesia gases that improveanimal care during surgeries, procedures, and examinations.The V120 is an integrated anesthesia machine with a ventilator and a smart 9-inch touchscreen. Equipped with state-of-the-art features, ithas four respiration modes: PCV,VCV,SPONT, and DEMO. Designed for use in animal hospitals, pet clinics, and animal laboratories, it meets the needs of a modern-day vet.


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It has delivery high precious veterinary anaesthesia equipment  with ventilation manage system . It is suitable for animal hospital, pet clinic and animal laboratory. This technical index of animal anaesthesia machine can meet the needs of general anesthesia and medical research on mice, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, pigs, sheep and other animals in animal laboratory.

  • Smart 9-inch touch screen; integrated anesthesia machine with ventilator, saving labor costs
  • Respiration modes include PCV,VCV,SPONT,DEMO.Just set the weight, other parameters are automatically calculated
  • With Electric PEEP function
  • Animal-specific bellows design to meet the needs of clinical scientific research.
  • The internal battery can be used for more than two hours.
  • Suitable for small animals, Non-breathing circuit(Jackson or Bains Absorber) is available.
  • Selectatec-bar and quick change vaporizer mounting device.
  • Professional airtight breathing circuit design, provide the stable gas anesthesia, save anesthesia gas consumption, to ensure a clean operating room and laboratory environment.
  • External and reusable soda lime canister, easily watch and replace soda lime.
  • With Oxygen flush function to ensure that clinical anesthesia demand and Oxygen supply demand.
  • Anaesthesia CO2 absorber assembly has no dead angle design, fast anesthesia, short recovery and high precision. The CO2 absorber supports both open loop and closed loop anaesthesia design and provides independent access .


Vet Anesthesia ventilator
Respiration mode PCV,VCV,SPONT,DEMO
Bellow Big animal t:50-1600ml,small animal:0-300ml
Screen 9 inches touch screen
Waveform Pressure,Flow,Volume
Tidal volume Mechanical control:20-1600ml
Manual control:5-1600ml
BPM 1-100bpm
I:E 9.9:1to1:9.9
Inspiratory time 0.1s-10.0s
Apnea 0-50%
PEEP Off,3-20cmH2O
Pressure support 5-60cmH2O
Flow trigger 0.5-20L/min
Pressure trigger -1~20cmH2O
PSV Inspiratory terminal level 25%
Monitoring Tidal volume,breathing rate,Spontaneous breathing rate,I:E,Spontaneous minute ventilation volume,Minute ventilation peak airway pressure,Average airway pressure,PEEP,Inspiratory platform pressure,FIO2
Alarm parameters Tidal volume,Minute ventilation volume,Frequency,Airway pressure ,Continuous airway pressure,Negative pressure alarm,Apnea alarm,Air supply pressure failure alarm,Power supply alarm,Low battery alarm,Battery exhaustion alarm,Oxygen battery failure alarm,FIO2(optional),FICO2(optional)
Power supply 220V±10%,50HZ±1%
Vet Main unit
Ventilation mode Open,Closed,half-closed,half-open
Drive mode pneumatic
Application 0.5-100kg animal
Anesthesia Vaporizer Isoflurane,Sevoflurane,Halothane
Oxygen Flush 25L/min~75L/min
Gas source pressure Oxygen 0.25Mpa~0.65Mpa
Trolley High-quality aluminum alloy profile, with storage frame and special interface for exhaust gas emission
Flowmeter Oxygen flow meter for animals,

Scale range:0~5L/min

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