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Veterinary Pulse Oximeter Vet-300

Model:    Vet-300

Buy UTrueMed’s Veterinary Pulse Oximeter Vet-300 for accurate measurement and improving care for your animal patients. The state-of-the-art pulse oximeter works in all environments, including veterinary anesthesia surgery and other clinical settings. It provides precise and real-time monitoring of animal oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate on a 2.8″ color TFT LCDacross sizes and species. The in-built memory can store up to 2400 sets of data, and it supports seven languages. The portable and lightweight design makes it ideal for clinical settings and on-the-go veterinary services. Vet-300’s audio and visual alarm features improve patient care and can save lives in emergencies.

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Product Details:

Product Features
  •  Accurate measurement in all kinds of extreme environment measurement such as veterinary anesthesia surgery
  •  2.8″ color TFT LCD
  •  Support audio and visual alarm
  •  Support to set alarm upper and lower limit values
  •  Built-in lithium ion battery power supply
  •  Store up to 2400 sets of data
  •  Support to connect computer for data management
  •  Operation time: 24 hours for normal operation
  • 7 Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Polish.


Measurement Accuracy  ±2%( 70% ~ 100% ),undefiend(0 ~ 69%)
Measurement Range 0–100%
Alarm Range  Consistent with the display range, the alarm limit setting step length is 1%
Pulse rate
Measurement Range 25bpm ~ 250bpm
Alarm Range Consistent with the display range, the alarm limit is set to a step length of 1bpm
Speed of refresh 1 s
Measurement Accuracy ±2 bpm
Pulse rate Mean 8 s
Measurement range 0.05%-20%
Accuracy range undefined
Resolution 0.01%
Sensor Tongue Sp02 Sensor
Power Type  Built-in lithium ion battery, Use type-C cable to charge
Operation time 24 hours for normal operation
Size 156mm (L) x65mm (w) x30mm (H)


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