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Veterinary Ultrasound Machine V500

Black and White Ultrasound Scanner YC-V500

Buy UTrueMed’sVeterinary Ultrasound Machine V500 and improve animal patient care with exceptional image quality that allows you to visualize and assess internal structures with precision and clarity. The V500’s powerful imaging platform revolutionizes diagnostic capabilities and lets you makeinformed patient care decisions. The 15″LCD offers detailed and accurate imaging for confident diagnoses. It features four encoders and a knob design for quick and convenient operation. It has a 256 frames movie playback function letting you play frame by frame. The portable design allows you to move this equipment and conduct ultrasound even in mobile settings. Make confident decisions and improve patient care with V500.

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Product Details:

Product Features
  • 15 inches LCD display zone for large image size, with high quality.
  • Probe Interface: Dual probe interface, with automatic identification function
  • ARM platform, fast computing, HD imaging
  • Abundant probe sets, suitable for different parts.
  • Battery Capacity: Independent battery compartment /removable lithium battery /5200 mAh
  • Four encoders, knob design, quick and convenient operationSupport multi-language switching
  • Movie playback: 256 frames, can be played back frame by frame and pause playback, pause playback can be used for image preservation and measurement
  • Measurement: Professional measurement software;
  • Host size: 360mm (L) x 355mm ( W) x 65mm (H)


Screen size 15
Screen Resolution 1024*768
Number of physical channels 32
Array element Conventional probe 96. Rectal probe 128.
System ARM
Storage space 16G
Number of probe interfaces 2 Probe Interfaces
Language English, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese
External interface VGA*1,USB*2,Power connector*1,Video interface*1
Supported printer types Video printer (Mitsubishi, Sony)
Ultrasonic mode B,2B,4B,M,B/M
optional probe 3.5Mhz convex probe,7.5Mhz linear probe,6.5Mhz micro convex probe,4.0Mhz rectal convex probe,6.5Mhz rectal linear probe,6.5Mhz handle probe for sheep,3.5Mhz back fat probe
Movie playback 256 frames
Grey scale 256
Image mirroring yes
Specialist Measurement Package Animal specific software measurement package
Dynamic Range 0-135dB
Gain range 0-100dB
Body Marks ≥98
Puncture Guide yes
Function of rock positioning and dynamic target tracking yes
Pseudo-color 8 types
Blind area ≤4
Maximum display depth 300mm
Geometric accuracy transverse ≤5%, longitudinal ≤5%
Resolution lateral ≤2mm, axial ≤1mm
Display magnification 16
Battery capacity Built-in 6400mAh lithium battery
Battery life >4 hours
Host weight 4.2kg
Gross weight 7.5kg
Package Size 50*50*23cm
Host size 360*355*65mm

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