Elementor 页眉 #54

Video Flexible Bronchoscopy L3

  • Suitable for all kinds of airway intubation, especially difficult airway intubation
  • Available for photograph and video with external display
  • Real-time image display without lag, ensuring synchronized and reliable operation
  • Special process of flexible tube, resistance of folding and bending (do not fold in half)
  • Using electronic signal transmission and imaging without optical fiber, which has a longer service life
  • Easy to operate, can be mastered after simple training
  • Detachable display and handle for easy disinfection
  • A spare machine is provided during the maintenance period to ensure the product is used continuously

Additional information

Product Details:

Outer Diameter 17.4Fr(5.8mm) 15.6Fr(5.2mm) 14.4Fr(4.8mm) 11.4Fr(3.8mm)
Inner Diameter 9.6Fr(3.2mm) 9.0Fr(3.0mm) 7.8Fr(2.6mm) 4.8Fr(1.6mm)
Resolution 400*400
Field of View 120°
Depth of Field 5-50mm
Deflection Angle Up≥180°, Down≤180°
Working Length 600mm±15%

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