Discover the key to optimal organ function with blood oxygenation levels. Your red blood cells carry oxygen to your muscles, brain, and other vital organs. Ensure they receive the energy they need by understanding how to measure your current oxygen level and determine whether it falls within an acceptable range. Learn how to give your body the oxygen it deserves.

Understanding Oxygen Saturation

Measuring oxygen saturation (SpO2) reveals how much oxygen your blood is carrying compared to its full potential. Think of it as a percentage estimation of the amount of oxygen that your blood could contain versus how much it actually does. Pulse oximetry tools make this measurement easy. For instance, if your blood contains 95% oxygenated hemoglobin and 5% non-oxygenated hemoglobin, your SpO2 would be 95%.

SpO2 changes throughout the day and is naturally affected by the individual’s activity level. However, as long as your oxygen saturation stays within the healthy range, fluctuation is normal. Unfortunately, there are several diseases and adverse conditions that negatively impact SpO2, such as asthma and COPD. If you are struggling with such issues, your SpO2 average will likely be lower and treated with supplemental oxygen or other methods.

Discover Your Ideal SpO2 Range

Do you know what’s considered a normal pulse oximeter reading? Typically, it ranges from 95% to 100%. However, if the reading is below 90%, it could indicate hypoxemia and the need for supplemental oxygen. Symptoms of this condition include shortness of breath, increased heart rate, and chest pain.

If you have a chronic lung condition or breathing problem, determining the acceptable oxygen levels for your unique state of health is crucial. This is where consulting with your doctor comes in. But, for those with acute respiratory illnesses or chronic diseases like COPD, here are some general guidelines:

Measuring Your Oxygen Level

Medical experts now have access to a wide range of SpO2 monitoring tools, including convenient finger pulse oximeters. These portable and painless devices attach to your fingertip and use light to measure SpO2 and pulse rate. With the guidance of your physician, those who suffer from breathing and heart problems can effectively manage their conditions by using personal finger pulse oximeters. While pulse oximetry is helpful in decision-making, it is not meant to replace a clinical assessment nor is it sufficient for diagnosis. Arterial blood gas measurements, obtained through arterial puncture, remain the gold standard for measuring oxygen saturation.

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