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12 Channel ECG Machine YC-12P


Model:      YC-12P

Buy Utruemed’s latest 12-Channel ECG Machine YC-12P, and improve patient outcomes. We bring you this state-of-the-art ECG machine. The YC-12P meets the latest standards and counts high on precision and reliability. It has a 7 Inch TFT screen, a keyboard, and touch screen operation, making it easy to use in different healthcare settings. The ECG machine has an advanced algorithm for automatic and accurate measurements, enabling your team to interpret patients’ conditions easily. Ideal for medium and large healthcare facilities, the in-built memory can store up to 1000 ECG records. You can further extend the storage with an external USB flash drive.

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Product Details:

Product Features

  •  7 Inch TFT screen, keyboard, touch screen operation;
  •  Advanced Might-gold algorithm for automatic accurate measurements and interpretation;
  •  Sampling rate up to 16000Hz, pacemaker detection;
  •  Supporting 9/12-lead ECG configurable;
  •  Supporting accurate digital filter to decrease the polarization voltage and other interference;
  •  Save up to 1000 ECG records internally (expandable with USB flash-disk);
  •  Advanced ECG analysis: VCG/TVCG/VLP/HRV/Pharmacological Study(optional);
  •  Support DAT, SCP, PDF, XML, DICOM and worklist, connecting with HIS seamlessly(optional);
  •  Two Lithium-ion batteries, suitable for different applications (optional);
  •  Support external USB printer, Keyboard, Mouse, Bar-code scanner etc;
  •  Data transfer to PC directly by Ethernet, USB or Wi-Fi (optional);
  •  Data upload automatically through FTP or Might-net ECG management system.


Resolution 1024*600
Type 7 inch TFT screen
Operation Touchscreen
Leads 9/12leadsSampling
Frequency 16000HZA/D
Resolution 24bits
HR Range 30-300BPM
Accuracy 1BPM
Time Constant ≥3.2s
Input Circuit Current ≤0.01μA
Input Voltage Range ≤±5mVp-p
Calibration Voltage 1mV±2%
DC Offset Voltage ±600mV
Input Impedance 250ΜΩ(10ΗΖ)
CMRR ≥120dB
Frequency Response 0.01-300Hz  +0.4dB -3.0dB
Noise 12.5μV(P-P)
AC Filter 50Hz/60Hz/Off
DFT Filter 0.01HZ/0.05HZ/0.32Hz/0.67Hz
EMG Filter/Low-pass 25Hz/35Hz/45Hz/75Hz/100Hz/150Hz/270Hz/300Hz
Pacemaker Detection Amplitude:±750uV-±700mV; Width: 50us~2.0ms; Sampling Frequency:16000HZ
AC frequency 50/60Hz
Power supply AC input 100V-240V
Battery Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, 2200mAh2200mAh*2pcs (option)
Gain 2.5mm/mV、5mm/mV、10mm/mV.20mm/mV,10/5mm/mV,AGC±5%
Speed 5 mm/s、6.25 mm/s、10 mm/s、12.5 mm/s、25mm/s、50mm/s(±3%)
Recorder Thermal dot-matrix recorder
Printing Density 8 dots per mm /200 dots per inch (amplitude axes) 40 dots per mm /1000 dots per inch (time axes, @25 mm/s)
Recorder Paper Folded thermal paper: 210 mm×140 mm ×20m
Dimension 369*260*83mm
Weight 3.9KGS
Anti-electric-shock degree CF type with defibrillation-proof, class I equipment
Defibrillation-proof recovery time ≤5s
Patient Leakage Current NC:S10uA(AC)/S10uA(DC) SFC:≤50uA(AC)/≤50uA(DC)
Patient Auxiliary Current NC:S10uA(AC)/S10uA(DC)

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