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ECG Machine

Electrocardiography (ECG)is a very importantpart of cardiac care. At Utruemed, we are a comprehensive Medical Solution Supplier and offer cutting-edge ECG machines. Our ECG machines meet the highest international standards and reliably record the heart’s electrical activity. They can detect heart rhythm irregularities and identify potential cardiac conditions.We have designed user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls to make these machines easy to use. We are proud of partnering with hundreds of hospitals and healthcare providers and improving patient outcomes with our state-of-the-art ECG Machines.

We supply both 3-Channel and 12-Channel ECG Machines to improve patient care at your facility.Our machines offer data in different formats and are compatible with USB-supporter printers. These machines let you store up to 1000 ECG records internally and support different file formats, including DAT, SCP, PDF, XML, and DICOM. You can also upload data on the server through FTP or Might-net ECG management system for record-keeping and collaboration.

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