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Infusion Pump CI-60F

Model:    CI-60F

At Utruemed, we are proud to introduce our Infusion Pump CI-60F. It delivers intravenous fluids and medications to patients accurately. This infusion pump ensures precise and controlled administration, helping healthcare professionals optimize patient care. Featuring a 3.5” colorful touch screen, it is easy to operate with a human-computer interface. CI-60F simplifies programming and operation, enabling healthcare providers to set infusion parameters quickly and easily. It is ideal for hospitals and other care facilities, has dual CPU control, IP34 dustproof, and has a waterproof design. It works on AC/DC power and features a large battery capacity of 2600 mAh, ensuring a long working time.

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Product Details:

Product Features
  •  3.5” colorful touch screen, easy to operate with human-computer interface.
  •  Unique doorless design, visible place the IV set directly, convenient and quick.
  •  Dual CPU control, IP34 dustproof and waterproof design. AC/DC power, Larger battery capacity 2600 mAh. long working time.
  •  Reduce the bubbles error alarm because horizontal place the IV set design.
  •  Very Light weight only 1.3 KG, small and exquisite, convenient to carry and transport.
  •  DPS dynamic pressure monitoring, real-time display of the current pressure value.
  •  Adopt German high-end medical-grade motor drive chip! Special patented technology of silent noise reduction as low as 12dB, anti-jitter to achieve smooth operation of high and low speed, power saving, micro complementary stepping and more accurate infusion, reduce resonance to save energy and reduce consumption, efficient temperature reduction to keep the motor at a constant temperature.
  •  New independent 3 stage peristaltic device design with exclusive patented technology and First one in the global market, which it making infusion set stress evenly and improving infusion accuracy and extending the life of infusion pump and IV set, reduce workload and make the patient more comfortable in infusion process.


Technical Specification
Infusion Mode Rate Mode/Time Mode/Weight Mode/Sequential Mode
Power AC: 100~240V,   External DC Power: 12V~15V
Battery 2600mAh, working 10 hours in 25ml/h speed.
CPU Double CPU.
IP34 warterproof / dustproof/shockproof.
Flow Rate range 0.1~2000.00ml/h, increment 0.01ml/h.
VTBI 0.1-9999.99ml
Time 1s-99h59min
KVO 0.1~5.0ml/h,increment 0.1ml/h.
Accuracy ±5%  (use the IV set calibrated)
Purge 0.1-2000ml/h
IV sets Dia3-5mm or setting
Bolus rate 0.1~2000ml/h
bolus model Automatic/Manual bolus available
Anti-bolus Automatically reduce the tube pressure when the tube is blocked
Bubble size Adjustable 50/100/250/500/800μl, Ultrasonic detection.
Occlusion pressure Adjustable Low /Medium /High, Double Pressure detection.
History Record 2000 above
Night mode setting and adjustable
IV Set 2 built-in brand for choice,  and can User defined:  Common IV set / Specified IV set /  Light-proof IV set / Precision IV set.
Alarm Air in Line / Downstream Occlusion / UPstream Occlusion / No Battery / VTBI Completed / KVO Finished / System Error / No Infusion Tube / Standby Time Expired / Reminder / Low Battery /No Battery Inserted / Time Near End / No AC Power.
Atmospheric pressure 40~120Kpa
Temperature -20℃-55℃
Relative humidity 10%-95%
Dimension L165 × W103 × H100mm
Net Weight 1.3 kg (with battery)

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