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Syringe Pump CS-70

Model:           CS-70

OrderUtrueMed’sSyringe Pump CS-70, a cutting-edge device that delivers accurate and precise medication infusions. With advanced features and an intuitive interface, CS-70 improves patient outcomes in different settings. The state-of-the-art syringe pump offers customizable infusion modes, adjustable flow rates and is compatible with six types of syringes. It can be stacked with different machines with centralized power management features. The real-time pressure is displayed on the montoir, with 8 hours of battery life. Whether in a hospital, clinic, or homecare environment, the Syringe Pump CS-70 provides seamless administration of medications. It enhances safety and efficiency at your facility.

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Product Details:

Product Features
  •  High accuracy: ≤±2%
  •  Multiple machines can be stacked together for use,and centralized power management.
  •  Current pressure is displayed in real time.
  •  Can support 6 kinds of syringes.
  •  Stainless steel handles can be flipped and hidden.
  •  The alarm volume is level 7 and adjustable.
  •  The blocking alarm at 30 gear is adjustable.
  •  Battery continues for up to 8 hours.


Name Specification
Accuracy ≤±2%
Rate 1.0-1500ml/h; increment 0.1ml/h
Pre-setting Volume (0.0-9999.9ml)increment 0.1ml
KVO Rate 1.0ml/h ±2%
Bolus 100ml/h, 300ml/h, 600ml/h, 900ml/h; ±2%
Syringe Sizes 5ml,10ml,20ml,30ml,50/60ml; Automatic recognition
Occlusion Level (1-30 gear) Adjustable
Alarm Volume Level 7 adjustable
Sound Grade When the volume is set to low gear, the alarm signal shall not be less than 45dB (A)

When the volume is set to high grade, the alarm signal sound pressure level is not less than 65dB (A)

Type of Alarm Power Switch Shift, Abnormal syringe installation, Low Battery, Dead Battery, Syringe nearly empty, Syringe empty, Occlusion, Complete, Waiting for timeout.
Power Supply 100-240V 50/60Hz
Battery Li_Polymer 7.4V 2600mAh; Charging time: 8 turn on for 8 hours

Running time: After the new battery is fully charged, it grows up at 8 hours during continuous Syringe with ambient temperature of 25℃ and flow rate of 5ml/h

Rate of work ≤20VA
Water proofing IPX3
volume 200*110*116(L*W*H )mm
net weight 2Kg

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