Capnography, a Widely Adopted Device by Medical Professionals Globally

UTrueMed, a renowned manufacturer and distributor, takes pride in supplying medical professionals across 68 countries with cutting-edge equipment that elevates patient care. One of our flagship products, the YC-V4 Handheld vital signs monitor serves as an advanced etCO2 monitor that simplifies patient monitoring. With this innovative machine, clinicians can effortlessly measure end-tidal CO2 levels alongside various vital signs. By embracing our streamlined equipment, medical practitioners can dedicate their undivided attention to delivering exceptional patient care.

UTrueMed Measures More than ETCO2

Introducing the YC-V4, a cutting-edge table-top monitor that serves as a versatile capnography device. Whether as a standalone or combined with vital signs monitoring, this advanced device guarantees accuracy, validated through rigorous testing in real-world scenarios. What sets YC-V4 apart is its configurability, allowing you to customize measurements according to your specific needs:

With its versatility, our capnography monitor is an ideal choice for various applications. From spot-check and bedside monitoring to wall mounting or using a rolling stand, it caters to your specific needs. The intuitive design, including a touchscreen monitor and user-friendly interface, ensures effortless use. Moreover, its lightweight build and long-lasting backup battery enable uninterrupted monitoring even during patient transport. Experience the convenience and reliability of our capnography monitor for yourself.

Practical Solutions for Everyday Use

The YC-V4 capnography monitor is a remarkable device that combines years of dedicated research and innovation. Its intelligent design sets it apart as one of the most advanced devices in its category. With its ability to provide various vital sign combinations, this monitor proves beneficial across a range of medical practices, including pain management, respiratory care, and patient monitoring and diagnosis.

One standout feature of the YC-V4 is its focus on preventing cross-contamination. It achieves this through the implementation of filter cells, a sample line connection system, and a side stream method that delivers highly accurate EtCO2 readings at a flow rate of 50 mL per minute. Additionally, the YC-V4 includes an alarm system that alerts staff to abnormal respiration or low battery levels.

However, affordability remains one of the key advantages of the YC-V4 capnography device. Its utilization of non-proprietary sample lines positions it as the industry’s most cost-effective monitor per patient, making it a wise investment for your facility.

If you require a new capnography device for your facility, look no further than UTrueMed and our YC-V4 end-tidal CO2 monitor. Feel free to reach out to us for further information and to proceed with your order. We even offer same-day shipping for your convenience. Our team of product experts is here to assist you every step of the way. Invest in the YC-V4 Handheld vital signs monitor and elevate your medical practice today.